Beyond THC and CBD Genetics

Revolution has bred 500+ unique hybrids and parent backcross strains and it is our goal to have the most comprehensive genetics collection in cannabis; we breed strains with varying levels of THC, CBD, THCv, CBG, CBC, and more. We are one of the first teams in cannabis to utilize analytical research to select more phenotypes based on their medicinal chemical content, while focusing on breeding new and elite varietals.

Our advanced laboratory helps push the pace by allowing our technicians to look inside each phenotypical variety in real time to select varietals specifically for their known chemical benefits. In addition, we are continually working to enhance the expression of non-psychoactive cannabinoids that have potential to provide an array of benefits to the end consumer.

Proven Methods

Higher quality and yield consistency are built into our genes, enabling us to lower growing costs, and increase efficiency. All strains are bred for optimal terpene and cannabinoid profiles.