Be our Neighbor

We pride ourselves on being good neighbors and community partners. We embrace and support our community every chance we get, by sponsoring and participating in events and fundraisers across the communities we serve.

β€œIt was clear to us that (Revolution) was a very knowledgeable and professional group intent not just on meeting the strict regulatory standards in Illinois, but actually setting the bar for the industry.”
Mayor Liz Skinner – Delavan, IL

β€œ(Revolution) strongly believes in being a good corporate citizen. In just a short time, they have made the decision to generously support organizations in our community such as the American Legion and the YMCA.”
Mayor Shawn Rennecker – Barry, IL

Environmentally Conscious

We strive to be green, by always utilizing best, environmentally conscious practices. All our cannabis waste is composted and reused, and our proprietary re-capture system allows our facilities to collect and recycle 100% of our run-off water and water from our de-humidification system.

Revolution has been closely monitoring the evolution of LED lighting technology and implementing the most efficient and environmentally safe lights as they become available.

The yield efficiency in our genetics ensures that we maximize our grams per watt, thus reducing both our carbon footprint and overall cost per gram.

The War on Drugs vs Natural Healing and Relief

For years cannabis has been used politically for the wrong reasons. The plant has been criminalized, and framed as a gateway to hard drug use, which has had catastrophic consequences for individuals, families, and communities across the country. These consequences have disproportionately affected communities of color.

We advocate for reform from the positions of liberty and social justice. Research shows that when people are trusted to make health decisions for themselves, cannabis can act as an alternative to opioids and other harder drugs.

Our hope is that honest education about cannabis spreads openly, individuals will be empowered to turn to natural solutions and whole plant medicine relief, and communities are no longer devastated by the criminalization of a plant.