Our Mission

To innovate and formulate the cannabis products of tomorrow.

Our Vision

To foster a world where society understands the medicinal benefits of cannabis, cannabis businesses uplift communities both economically and socially, people are free to make educated decisions for their own health, and where the efficacy of cannabis is maintained through highly regulated and controlled markets.

Our Values

  • Integrity which ensures consistency and quality throughout our brands
  • Passion that is embedded in everything we do
  • Curiosity that inspires innovation
  • Growth that drives evolution to excellence

Rooted in Science

Revolution Cannabis operates smart, technologically-advanced facilities that are designed to produce pure, consistent medicines in new, reliable forms. We are driven by scientific advancement in the cannabis industry; our state-of-the-art laboratory allows for in-house testing and analytics, enhancing our ability to produce high quality medicine at an industrial scale.

Our facilities feature an intelligent, compartmentalized design in which cultivation chambers are sealed off, sanitized, and self-contained to create highly controlled environments which foster clean, healthy cannabis plants and large production yields.

This allows us to push the pace of genetic research and lead the cannabis revolution, through the innovation of consistently formulated products.