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Progress in Kentucky: MMJ-focused bill passes in the House

In a 65-30 vote, Kentucky’s state House passed HB 136, a measure that would legalize medical cannabis statewide.

If approved by the Senate, the bill would establish a regulatory agency that would be under the guidance of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage and Control, with details of the medical market expected to be finalized once the new commissioned group has studied and worked with nearby legalized states.

An uphill battle awaits in the Senate, where Senate President Robert Stivers (R) has regularly dismissed the bill, claiming the need for more research and medical guidance. Still, Thursday’s approval was a historic victory for the state that denied all three MMJ-related bills in 2019.

Adult-use bill proposed in Pennsylvania

Wednesday morning, Rep. Jake Wheatley (D) introduced a new bill that aims to legalize adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania.

Wheatley’s proposal, House Bill 2050, specifically mentions the opportunities a cannabis market presents for implementing lasting criminal justice reform. In his bill, growers would be taxed per county, with a majority of funds dedicated to social equity groups and other nonprofits.

“With one bill, we can accomplish a great deal here in Pennsylvania,” Wheatley said in a statement. “Undo the damage that’s been caused for over 40 years by an overzealous criminal justice system intent on criminalizing people for minor drug offenses, and create a comprehensive marketplace to legally sell cannabis to adults.”

Study: cannabis patients with ADHD use fewer prescripction drugs

A new study by Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal, a peer-reviewed publication published by the bio-medical focused Ramban Health Center, suggests that cannabis could lead to a decrease in prescription drugs for patients with ADHD.

Researchers studied 59 medical patients living in Israel who all had a long-standing diagnosis of ADHD. What they found, was that those treating their ADHD with high doses of THC were found to significantly reduce their symptoms, leading to the reduction and/or need for prescription drugs.

Other cannabinoids, like CBN, were also shown to significantly reduce patients self-reported ailments associated with ADHD.

Decriminalization bill advances in Virginia

HB27, a bill that would decriminalize cannabis in Virginia, passed trough the House early Tuesday morning.

With Gov. Ralph Northam strongly advocating for cannabis reform, going as far as hosting his own personal cannabis-summit, the bill is expected to receive similar support in the Senate.

If approved, cannabis possession would become a civil penalty with an attached fine of (maximum) $25.

“For too long, Virginia‚Äôs approach to cannabis has needlessly saddled Virginians, especially African Americans and people of color, with criminal records, but with these votes that is finally coming to an end,” concluded Attorney General Mark Herring

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