New Jersey officials announce legalization vote for 2020

New Jersey officials have long-debated what a potential adult-use cannabis market may look like, but with no results to show, regulators have now elected to place it in the hands of the public.

Monday morning, the New Jersey Senate and Assembly approved a measure that will place an adult-use proposal on 2020 ballots, asking constituents if they believe an amendment to legalize cannabis for personal, non-medical use by adults who are age 21 years or older, subject to regulation by Cannabis Regulatory Commission, should be approved or denied.

Details surrounding the potential adult-use market are still coming to fruition, but so far, regulators have carved out the following regulations;

  • create an authorizing governing body, such as the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, to regulate the adult-use cannabis market
  • limit state taxes on retail sales to the sales tax rate; currently sitting at 6.625%
  • allow municipal retail taxes up to 2%

Because the proposal secured more than a three-fifths majority vote in both the Senate and Assembly, it can now move to voters’ November ballots without having to face any additional legislative challenges.

According to the latest Monmouth University poll, 62 percent of New Jerseyans support broad legalization, with just 32 percent opposing an adult-use market. The poll is on-par with recent trends as more Americans than ever before support the end of prohibition.

A handful of New Jersey lawmakers, like Jamel C. Holley, have advocated for progressive social equity and criminal justice policies rooted within shifting cannabis law changes. While the proposal currently includes no details surrounding these initiatives, it will likely continue to shape future conversations that may spur future implementations. To hear more on this ongoing debate, listen to our podcast interview with Holley below:

John Kuster

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