Jobs and Medicine as soon as possible

Construction has been underway at Illinois cultivation centers Revolution Cannabis- Barry and Revolution Cannabis- Delavan for several weeks already. The crews at both construction sites work pretty tirelessly, and so does the team at Revolution Enterprises corporate headquarters. We’re trying to produce medicine as quickly as possible.

Revolution Enterprises believes we have a duty to lead Central Illinois in making the world’s best medicine derived from cannabis. We designed two dream facilities for accomplishing this feat:

Cultivation center licensee ACE Delavan

ACE Delavan in the City of Delavan, Illinois will employ 60-70 workers at full capacity (click to zoom).

ACE Barry and ACE Delavan:

  • 75,525 sq. ft. each: Combined 151,050 sq. ft. of operating space, making Revolution Cannabis the largest producer of legal cannabis in Illinois
  • Intelligent Design: Facility design and equipment optimized for lighting, ventilation, environmental control, safety, security, and energy efficiency
  • Pharmaceutical Quality: Best industry standards and practice to ensure purity and consistency
  • Focus on Science: Research and development plans for advancing the science of cannabis and bringing new, world-changing medicines in never before seen varieties.
  • 60-70 Employees each: The two facilities will employ a combined 120-140 employees at full operational capacity.

Largest Producer of Cannabis Medicine in Illinois

Controlling 151,050 sq. ft. of production space makes Revolution Cannabis the largest grow operation in Illinois. We are also now one of the largest clean room laboratory grade cultivators in the world.

Scientific research and development

  • Breeding of genetic strains to obtain optimal cannabinoid formula for treating particular medical conditions
  • Improvement of alternative means of ingestion/absorption, including sublinguals, topicals, tinctures, serums, salves, transdermal patches, edibles, extractions and more
  • precision data recording “from seed to sale”


Carers act support

Everybody wants safer cannabis laws

Introduced less than a month ago (Mar. 10), the US CARERS Act is making tremendous progress. Federal legislators realize former cannabis policy has proven incorrect, and every day more of them become motivated to take action. When the CARERS ACT becomes law, it will restore states’ freedom to make their own cannabis laws. Patients, physicians, industry operators and banks will no longer have to worry about ancient, incorrect federal laws.

The CARERS Act (S. 683) already had bipartisan support when it was introduced (Booker, D-NJ, Paul, R-KY, Gillibrand D-NY). In just three weeks it gained more bipartisan support from Boxer, D-CA and Heller R-NV.

The House equivalent bill (H.R. 1538) has already been introduced and Representatives are becoming aware of it. Eight already endorse it.

Safer Access for Patients, Physicians, VeteransRepresentatives who support US CARERS Act:

  • Rep. Young (R-AK)
  • Rep. Norton (D-DC-At large)
  • Rep. Lofgren (D-CA)
  • Rep. Jerrold (D-NY)
  • Rep. Coners (D-MI)
  • Rep. Rohrabacher (R-CA)
  • Rep. Hunter (R-CA)
  • Rep. Hanna (R-NY)

US CARERS ACT (S. 683, H.R. 1538)

  • Bipartisan support
  • Majority of Americans want cannabis laws that provide safer access
  • Could lead to enabling Illinois cultivation centers and dispensaries to provide medicine to patients registered in Missouri, Iowa, and other states whose programs are not yet functional.
  • Eases physician and patient access restrictions
  • Would facilitate easier banking solutions and hence decrease security threats substantially
  • Would ease restrictions on research so that Central Illinois can lead the world in pioneering the science of cannabinoid medicine.