Dustin Shroyer

Chief Operating Officer, Manager, Principal Officer and Board Member

Dustin Shroyer is a “hands on” teacher and leader with a proven track record of success operating in strictly controlled cannabis markets. As Chief Operations Officer and Chief Cultivation Officer at Revolution Enterprises, he implements best practices to produce superior, safe, and efficacious cannabis and cannabis derived-products. Dustin boasts more than 10 years of cannabis business and growing experience, including being among the first medical cannabis wholesale providers in Colorado. Prior to joining Revolution, Mr. Shroyer wrote winning cultivation, extraction, refining, cannabis testing, and security plans for clients in highly restrictive and competitive markets as a consultant with American Cannabis Consulting.

At Revolution, he is creating standards that maintain compliance with OSHA, FDA, EPA, and other key entities to create the cannabis medicines of tomorrow. In addition to his cultivation expertise, Mr. Shroyer brings extensive knowledge of retail experience in both management and corporate loss prevention. In 2007 Mr. Shroyer started Digital Sun Harvesters, LLC, a wholesale production cooperative, in order to meet a pressing demand from dispensaries and patients for high grade, legally produced medical cannabis. DSH banded together eight small batch cultivation sites with an individual manager at each. The cultivation cycle was staggered to produce one harvest per week in order to provide top up and coming brands in Denver with a consistent supply of the best medical strain varieties the DSH team could acquire.

He then went on to open Root Organic Medical Marijuana Center in 2010. Root Organic focused on producing clean organic cannabis and superior patient education. In 2012 Dustin merged the brand with a larger organization in order to increase market share for organic medical cannabis. Post-merger, he shifted his role to product development and production facility design in order to utilize the cleanest extraction processes, also known as supercritical Co2. He conceptualized and created Hummingbird Co2 Nectar Brand in order to create the purest and healthiest delivery methods for cannabis consumption.

Mr. Shroyer’s experience has resulted in an impeccable track record of winning merit-based cannabis cultivation and dispensary applications in multiple states through turning his knowledge of cultivation and management into manuals and operating procedures. The results have proven valuable for multiple cannabis businesses that have won highly competitive licenses in the most restrictive and regulated states; including, MA, CT, CO, WA, NV, IL and MN. Since 2012, Mr. Shroyer has designed operating plans for over 500,000 square feet of cultivation space. His combined experience of operating successful retail, cultivation operations, and developing standardized procedures make him an integral part of the Revolution team.