The Weekly Dispense: Colo. cannabis taxes may benefit homeless

Colorado is considering using cannabis tax revenue to help the state’s homeless population, a new dispensary is scheduled to open in Peoria, Ill., and the majority of Irish people support medical cannabis.

In case you missed them, here are the cannabis-related stories that caught our attention.

Peoria welcomes new dispensary

The NuMed dispensary will open its doors Dec. 7, joining Illinois’ growing list of medical cannabis retail shops. “‘The sales facility has to meet a 78-point state checklist,’ [Ben] Rediger said. ‘Employees also are subject to state screening, which includes a background check.'”

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Cannabis taxes may help Colorado homeless

In what are being called “aggressive” new efforts to fight homelessness in Colorado, the state’s governor is proposing to allocate cannabis tax revenues toward new affordable housing programs. “I think it shows a real strong state commitment for trying to find solutions to what is becoming a state problem,” Cathy Alderman, vice president for public policy at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, told The Cannabist. Colorado has the seventh-largest homeless population in the United States.

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Irish people support medical cannabis

More than 90 percent of the Irish population supports cannabis for medical use, according to a new survey. In a statement, the Department of Health said Minister Simon Health has “committed to reviewing policy on medicinal cannabis,” reported NewsTalk.

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Investors see cannabis opportunity now more than ever

As more states adopt some form of medical or adult use cannabis legislation, investors and marketers are taking notice. Indeed, despite cannabis’s Schedule 1 status the industry’s rapid growth is attracting entrepreneurs eager to stake a claim in this new market. “As the so-called ‘green rush’ gains momentum and legitimacy, professionals are increasingly willing and eager to offer their expertise,” reported NPR.

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Cassandra Dowell

Cassandra oversees communications for Revolution Enterprises, a company committed to cultivating health through the science of cannabis. Prior to joining Revolution, Cassandra covered complex financial transactions and business trends within the cannabis and healthcare industries. During her time as a Chicagoland newspaper editor, she received more than 10 Illinois Press Association and Northern Illinois Newspaper Association awards for her coverage of mental health and housing issues.