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Revenue from cannabis taxes help hire 12 new firefighters in California

Cathedral City recently brought on 12 new firefighters, funded by cannabis taxes from the city’s general fund.

According to a city spokesperson, the city is expected to receive more than $1.9 million from cannabis taxes.

Cathedral City has welcomed the industry with open arms, recently approving the zoning of a cultivation center that’s set to employ 150-200 people. The Californian city that borders Palm Springs is beginning to reap the rewards of legalization, like many other cities across the US.

Wisconsin county schedules upcoming cannabis referendum

Residents in Racine County will have the chance to vote on cannabis in an upcoming referendum set to hit the ballots this November.

Council members approved the vote 10-3, leading experts to believe that cannabis in Wisconsin is closer than ever before.

Residents will be asked to vote on 3 questions, ranging from cannabis legalization for medicinal and adult-use, and how to properly allocate potential taxes.

At the focus of the council’s debate was the negative effects that come with criminalizing cannabis, specifically faced by minority populations.

“They have destroyed black and brown families for 28 years. They’ve made us criminals,” said Alfonso Gardner, a professional in the Racine Unified School District.

Opportunity in Ohio – majority of applicants fail first round of tests

The Ohio Department of Commerce is permitted to grant up to 40 cannabis processing licenses, but so far, only 7 have been approved, with more than 90 applicants failing to meet minimum standards.

Most approved processors have been engaging in legal markets for years, like Ohio Grown Therapies, who is backed by their sister company in Maui.

Dispensaries in the Buckeye state are expected to open before the end of 2018, but with a lack of product, the already-stalled-out program could once again face potential pushbacks.

Academy of Cannabis Science announces new location in Austin, Texas

The Academy of Cannabis Science is bringing 12 years of experience to the buzzing city of Austin, Texas.

A small team of advocates, doctors, and educators will host a variety of classes, seminars, and networking opportunities for locals, who can begin classes as early as October 13th.

Courses will cover a range of topics; including cultivation processes, packaging, manufacturing, and how to recruit potential investors.

Texas currently employs one of the strictest medical marijuana programs, but with a surge in recent advocacy efforts it’s looking like an adult-use market could soon hit the Lone Star State.

Puerto Rico based science company strikes partnership with global cannabis brand Tikun Olam

Iaso Corporation recently announced a licensing agreement with Tikun Olam, an international cannabis brand that has served over 20,000 patients in Israel.

The science and technology company based out of San Juan will cultivate a variety of Tikun’s unique strains, including Raphael, a high-CBD flower known for its potential healing effects.

“This partnership advances Iaso’s mission to become a trusted provider of cannabis products to Puerto Rican patients,” said founder and CEO César Cordero-Krüger.

The Puerta Rican cannabis market has been plagued by time consuming governmental processes, but is soon to explode, adding 500 new patients every week.




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