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Missouri regulators announce cannabis license details 

This week, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services announced the number of medical cannabis facilities to be awarded licenses by the end of this year.

The state is planning to distribute licenses for 60 cultivation centers, 86 medical cannabis-infused manufacturing facilities, and 192 dispensary storefronts. In total, 338 licenses are expected to be awarded through a blind-scoring process.

“The blind facility application scoring process will ensure that businesses selected for licenses will be those most capable of providing quality service to patients while adhering to the regulations we are implementing,” said Lyndall Fraker, Director of DHSS Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation.

To ensure no company gains a monopoly on the industry, the state has set a maximum cap of 11 total licenses per business.

With the program on track, expect medical cannabis to hit the shelves of dispensaries in Missouri as early as January 2020.

Hemp applications go live in Illinois

Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced the launch of hemp applications in Illinois early Tuesday morning during a statehouse press conference.

Farmers in Illinois can now apply for a hemp cultivation license or register as a processor, either as a business or an individual. Applicants will be subject to an online $100 application fee and a yearly license fee of $375, with the option to purchase a 3-year license for $1,000.

As of today, the state has already received over 350 applications, including more than 290 grower applications from farmers looking to cultivate on over 7,000 acres of Illinois soil.

With more than 72,000 farmers across Illinois, in a state featuring plenty of open-land, the Prairie State could potentially become one of the leaders in hemp production.

To start your own hemp application through IDOA, click here

Adult-use bill passes key-committee in Connecticut

For the past few months, lawmakers in Connecticut have been intensely debating what an adult-use market may look like.

Monday afternoon, the Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee held a public hearing discussing details surrounding taxation, licensing, and redistribution, agreeing that all of the state tax revenue would be contributed into the Community Development Corporation Trust Fund (CDCTF). The CDCTF is a fund used to promote and enhance early literacy education and community development within “distressed & under-served communities”

“For decades, minority and low-income individuals have been disproportionately affected by marijuana enforcement and the war on drugs. It is fitting that they be the ones who benefit from cannabis tax revenue following legalization,” testified Kebra Smith-Bolden, co-director of the Conn. Coalition to Regulate Marijuana

Wednesday morning, lawmakers approved the Committee’s suggestions, adding it into SB 1138 & sending it back to the House for an impeding vote expected to take place in the coming weeks.

With a current Governor who is pro-cannabis reform and a population that is widely in support of medicinal cannabis, expect lawmakers to act quickly as more Midwestern states compete to be the next-to-market.

Weed & Workout? New study points at potential benefits

A new study conducted in Boulder, Colorado that was carried out in 5 legal states (California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado) has found that cannabis is playing a critical role in individuals’ exercise and recovery habits.

Out of 600 people surveyed, the study reported that 8 out of 10 people use cannabis as a way to motivate them to partake in physical exercise. The study also found that 78% of those 8 out of 10 respondents use cannabis as a tool for recovery; ingesting the plant shortly after intense workouts – with all 78% reporting positive experiences.

“There is a stereotype that cannabis use leads people to be lazy and couch-locked and not physically active, but these data suggest that this is not the case,” said senior author and CU professor Angela Bryan.

To read the full report published at Frontiers in Public Health, click here.

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