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Newly appointed Dallas DA to implement criminal justice reform via new cannabis policies

Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot recently announced a new set of progressive cannabis regulations that focus on rehabilitation instead of criminal prosecution.

Under new regulations, the city will no longer prosecute first-time cannabis offenders and will place repeated offenders in a rehabilitation program, instead of a jail cell.

Prosecution for “trace amounts” (less than .01 grams) of cannabis, a charge that has been used in the past to criminalize individuals who often come from low-income households and minority-based communities, will also be removed from policing guidelines.

With the new set of regulations, expungement is already at the forefront of issues being addressed under Creuzot’s watch; as of today, more than 1,000 cannabis-related misdemeanors have been wiped from Dallas City records, giving past offenders a new, clean slate that will afford them more opportunities of upward mobility.

Creuzot isn’t alone in his efforts – a handful of District Attorney’s in major cities like Chicago and New York have joined him in his advocacy for implementing progressive criminal justice reform.

As legalization continues to spread across the US, expect initiatives like Creuzot’s to only gain more traction as Americans look to reverse the harm caused by the War on Drugs.

Georgia lawmakers lift ban on sale of MMJ products

The state of Georgia has nearly 9,500 medical marijuana patients, but until Wednesday morning, producing and selling medicinal cannabis was prohibited; forcing patients to consult the black market for their needs.

Wednesday morning, Gov. Brian Kemp lifted this ban after signing HB 324, a bill that legalizes the production, manufacturing, and dispensing of low THC oil.

The law change will allow for 6 new cultivation licenses to be awarded in the near future, and includes fine print that would allow for public universities to obtain cannabis for research purposes, so long as it comes from a “any available legal source”.

While HB 324 extends the limited MMJ program that was approved in 2015, it still comes with its limits; patients will not be able purchase or consume flower & edibles, nor will they be allowed to medicate with any product containing more than 5% THC.

Washington state Senate approves of stricter testing regulations

Under a new bill, the state of Washington could soon switch oversight of cannabis testing labs, transitioning from the Liquor and Cannabis Board to the Department of Ecology.

The proposal comes after recent findings published by the Dept. of Ecology reveal a lack of consistency & detailed standards for state operators to meet.

The bill received a wave of bipartisan support earlier this week, passing in a 44-1 vote, but local operators are concerned that new regulations could potentially introduce more costly fees.

Kathernine Hoffman, the states new cannabis and rules coordinator, is expected to soon release a Small Business Economic Impact Statement; detailing to the potential affects the new regulations might have on small & private cannabis operators.

CBD and fast-food: Carl’s Jr. testing cannabis burger

While fast-food does not neatly fit in with cannabis and its promotion of health and wellness, it is still consumed by tens of millions of Americans every year, including plenty of medical and adult-use consumers.

With the recent buzz of CBD-based products, Carl’s Jr., a subbranch of Hardee’s, is investigating the potential demand for fast-food meals infused with CBD.

The Rocky Mountain High: Cheeseburger Delight will be sold April 20th, at 4050 Colorado Blvd. in Denver, introducing the first-ever CBD-infused meal from a global fast food chain.

The sauce, made with a special Santa Fe blend, will be infused with hemp-based CBD oil that is sourced from a local firm in Denver.

With more larger-scaled companies beginning to understand the values of CBD, expect more interesting creations to litter your food menu as marketers look for catchy new ways to attract your wallet.





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