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Hawaii to offer reciprocity for medical cannabis patients

Starting next year, all US medicinal cannabis patients will have legal access to cannabis in the state of Hawaii.

To legally enter a dispensary traveling tourists will need to purchase a $45 registration card, lasting them 60 days. Health officials are estimating 5,000 visitors will get cards in the first year, with the potential to reach 30,000 annually.

The recent changes also include an updated registration process, additions to legal devices, and plans for an electronic-patient database.

Adult-use cannabis backed by Health officials in New York  

The New York Department of Health recently supported legalizing adult-use cannabis in a report to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Numerous state agencies and experts in public health contributed to the 75-page report that found “the positive effects of regulating an adult marijuana market outweigh the potential negative impacts.”

Highlights of the findings include:

  • A large disproportion found in cannabis-related arrests of certain racial and ethnic groups, despite data showing widespread equal use within the groups.
  • Cannabis could reduce opioid-related deaths
  • Regulating cannabis reduces risks and improves quality control and consumer protection

A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 63% of voters in New York support cannabis legalization, leaving insiders convinced a recreation bill is soon to come.

Washington State University defining the munchies

Through new animal studies, researchers at Washington State are identifying brain changes responsible for the appetite effects of cannabis.

“We all know cannabis use affects appetite, but until recently we’ve actually understood very little about how, or why” explained Jon Davis, a University researcher in the Department of Neurosciences.

For these studies, researchers are micro-dosing rats with cannabis vapor, tracking their brain stimulation and food consumption both on and off the drug.

Early results show a common theme: when on cannabis, all rats experienced a surge in ghrelin, the chemical that triggers the brain when operating on an empty stomach. The research could be groundbreaking for the industry as appetite loss is a common theme found in many chronic-based-illnesses.

Doors open for Oregon’s first cannabis accelerator

Co-working spaces continue to pop up across the US, but few are strictly dedicated to helping grow canna-businesses.

Amy Margolis, an administrative law attorney in Portland is hoping to change that with the Commune, a 4,000-square-foot collaborative working space resting on the third floor of an old office building.

The Commune will play host to a variety of services, but it’s core foundation rests within the Initiative, an accelerator program for female founded canna-businesses.

Through the Initiative, Margolis hopes to create women-founded canna-businesses that will help drive the industry for years to come.




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