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Nevada legislators pushing for cannabis lounges on Vegas Strip

Earlier this week a handful of Nevada lawmakers ventured out to San Francisco, hoping to later return with a better understanding of how to properly legalize and regulate public cannabis lounges on the Las Vegas Strip.

While voters in Nevada legalized adult-use cannabis in 2016, open, public consumption of the drug remains illegal. Politicians, like Democratic State Sen. Tick Segerblong are hoping to change that. “More than ever, I just really want to get this thing going,” said Segerblom to the Nevada Independent.

On Tuesday, Segerblom, along with a handful of other public representatives, spent more than 8 hours touring local facilities in the Bay Area – where they reviewed necessary lawmaking requirements, as well as daily operations and pain points faced by current lounges open for business.

Moving forward, expect Segerblom & other group members to quickly introduce a more concrete plan on how the Vegas Strip can legally introduce open, public-consumption lounges that are dedicated towards the cannabis space – and it may come sooner than later as dispensaries like Planet 13 already have significant square footage reserved for these lounges.

Medical Marijuana in South Korea

South Korea and cannabis was a trending hit this week – thanks to recent legislation that signaled medical cannabis will soon be accessible and allowed at the Federal level.

Technically speaking – South Koreans won’t be able to purchase cannabis at a dispensary anytime soon, but, they can apply for a prescription from their doctor & receive cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products that have been preapproved by the country’s Food & Drug Administration. The Korea Orphan Drug Center, a facility in Gangnam, will be tasked with handling patient requests & will act as the sole retailer.

While the program will initially be limited, the law change is a signal that cannabis could soon become more accessible in East Asia.

Adult-use sales in Massachusetts exceed $2.2M in first 5 days

According to the states Cannabis Control Commission two retail stores sold 56,380 cannabis products, accounting for a total of $2,217,621 – in just 5 days.

New England Treatment Access in Northampton and Cultivate in Leicester were the two retail stores open for business; both of which have been offering a robust menu of medical marijuana products for the previous year, helping them better prepare for the spike in consumer demand.

Market watchers expect Massachusetts to potentially create a cannabis market worth more than $1.4B – leaving many questioning how the state will deal with expungement and past cannabis crimes committed by local residents; currently, total expungement has yet to be fully endorsed, but the state did create a Commission tasked with implementing a variety of programs that positively impact minority-based communities & individuals impacted by the War on Drugs.

Senate Committee in Brazil pushes for medicinal cannabis

A key Senate Committee in Brazil has approved a bill that would allow the cultivation and use of medicinal cannabis.  

The Senate’s Social Affairs Committee drafted the bill in response to a nationwide petition that received over 115,000 signatures and testimonials from local advocates.

The bill still has multiple hurdles to climb and will need to pass through the Commission on Constitution and Justice before being officially voted on in the Senate.


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