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Lawmakers file decriminalization bill in Texas

A handful of pro-cannabis bills were recently filed in The Lone Star State.

On Monday, State Senator José Menéndez filed Senate Bill 90, a bill that he described as “comprehensive and compassionate.” Senate Bill 90 would ultimately legalize medical cannabis, while adding more qualifying conditions to the Compassionate Care Act, including PTSD, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

In the House, Rep. Joe Moody introduced HB63.

The bill would make it a civil offense, not a crime, to be caught with less than once ounce of cannabis – fully decriminalizing the plant in the state of Texas.

Representatives within the state are hopeful that both bills pass through initial processes as the state has recently experienced a wave of bipartisan support when it comes to cannabis reform.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel guarantees Hemp inclusion in upcoming Farm Bill

Last Friday, Senator McConnel guaranteed hemp’s presence in the Farm Bill, which is set to finalize its last round of provisions in the upcoming months.

“It will be in there, I guarantee you that,” boasted McConnel to a group of reporters.

In the past year, Hemp has slowly begun to make a comeback in the U.S.

In Kentucky, farmers grew thousands of acres of hemp in 2018, and plan to only increase those yields in upcoming years.

If McConnel follows through on his promise, farmers in all 50 states will soon be able to apply for applications that would allow them to legally grow, produce, and sell hemp.

Washington grants first research license

In 2016, the state of Washington created a license that would allow for cannabis research to take place within state boundaries.

Since then, a handful of companies have filed for applications, but with cannabis remaining illegal at the federal level, the state hasn’t been eager to distribute the first issue of licenses.

But with a recent pro-shift in the US cannabis climate the state has decided to act on their own laws, issuing the first regulated license – which has been awarded to Verda Bio, a Seattle-based pharmaceutical company who will look to create and breed cannabis plants that have yet to be discovered.

Cannabis Cultivator Releases New Podcast Series

On Tuesday, Revolution announced the roll-out of a new podcast series titled, The Vault – a revolutionary podcast dedicated to emerging trends, topics, and policy updates in the cannabis space.

Season 1 of The Vault features Prof. Esther Shohami of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a leading medical researcher on cannabis and TBI.

All 10 episodes of Season 1 of The Vault can be found on Revolution’s new website. You can also subscribe to The Vault on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and on Soundcloud – search for ” the_vault ” to subscribe.

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