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Cannabis in New York: Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs bill to help battle ongoing opioid crisis

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that extends New York’s current medical cannabis program, adding acute pain management to the list of qualifying conditions. The bill will also allow doctors to recommend medical cannabis for patients who are currently using opioids to treat chronic pain.

“Adding these conditions to the list of those approved for management with medical marijuana will help reduce the risk of addiction and provide suffering New Yorkers the relief they need,” stated Gov. Cuomo during a public press release.

With the recent signing, New York becomes one of a handful of recent states to look towards cannabis regarding the ongoing opioid crisis.

Looking forward – legislators in New York could soon congregate on an adult-use bill as a committee workgroup filled with public health officials is scheduled to release the blueprints of what a recreational market could potentially look like in the Big Apple

Legislator pushing for medical cannabis in Nebraska

Nebraska is 1 of 18 states that has yet to introduce a medical or adult-use cannabis program.

State Sen. Anna Wishart is hoping to change that, recently stating her plans to introduce a medical cannabis bill in early 2019.

Wishart will be successful in drafting a bill, but support could be tough to come by; current officials, like Gov. Pete Rickets, oppose legalization of all kinds and still consider cannabis to be a dangerous drug.

But officials may have to put personal opinions aside as recent data suggest Nebraskans would overwhelmingly support a medical cannabis program; a survey that featured more Republicans than Democrats found that 77% of voters in Nebraska support medical marijuana.

State legislators are expected to comment on the bill in the coming months.

First full-service cannabis kitchen opens in Arizona

The Mint Dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona will soon be adding a state-of-the-art kitchen that will serve patients infused breakfast, lunch, and dinner – prepared by on-site executive chef Carylnn Principal.

The menu is set to include tacos, burgers, fries, pizza, fresh pasta & other cannabis-infused meals that patients can purchase from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m., seven days a week.

The kitchen is scheduled to open by the upcoming holiday season and will offer free cooking classes every Sunday. Mint is also expecting to add delivery services and special seasonal meals for popular holidays – anyone up for some THC-infused stuffing?

Pro-cannabis officials lead high-profile midterm races

In the U.S., the month of November could prove to be a pivotal moment for the cannabis industry.

As midterms approach, a handful of pro-cannabis candidates have emerged, running behind platforms that often point out the ill effects the war on drugs have had on minority-based communities.

In Texas, democratic challenger & pro-cannabis advocate Beto O’Rourke is hoping to pull off a major upset – the El Paso native is currently in a tight race with Ted Cruz, who is a longstanding dissident of cannabis.

Across the ocean in Florida, Gov. hopeful Andrew Gillum leads all candidates across major polls. Gillum has publicly stated plans to introduce an adult-use cannabis program to the Sunshine State.

If O’Rourke or Gillum take office, expect their states to quickly introduce pro-cannabis reform.

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