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New legislation would allow veterans to obtain cannabis with VA approval
Senators Bill Nelson and Brian Schatz are hoping to expand legal access of medicinal cannabis for all US veterans.

Recently, the two democratic senators helped introduce the Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act, a bill that makes it legal under federal law for military veterans to “use, posses, or transport medical marijuana in accordance with the laws of the state.”

If approved by the House, and Senate, the bill will would allow VA doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to veterans in the 31 states where it is currently legal.

The bill also allocates $15 million dollars for research purposes; imploring the VA to take a better look at the potential effects of medical cannabis, specifically on veteran’s pain and symptoms of PTSD.

Cannabis in France: officials taking a closer look at health effects and economic potential

The French government has created a temporary cannabis subcommittee that will “assess the relevance and feasibility of the provision of therapeutic cannabis in France”

The committee is set to evaluate scientific data relating to medical cannabis and is also in charge of evaluating the negative and positive outcomes of other countries that have implemented medical and adult-use cannabis programs.

The committees first official report is expected to be released by the end of 2018.

Cannabis consultant needed in Maine

In early May, legislators in Maine voted in approval of an adult-use cannabis market – overturning Gov. Paul LePage’s veto, which would have significantly stalled the adult-use program that is expected to open by Spring of 2019.

Maine has always been a progressive state when it comes to cannabis; in 1976, it became only the 3rd state to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis, and in 1999, 62% of the population voted yes on Question 2 – a measure that helped introduce medicinal marijuana to the state.

While Maine may have more cannabis experience than other states, it’s still new to the recreational scene – which is why the state Department of Administrative and Financial Services recently issued a request for cannabis consultants to submit detailed proposals of what the market should look like.

Consultants will have until the end of April to submit their plans, which should provide detailed descriptions of all the potential rules and regulations needed for a recreational marijuana market.

City of Fresno hoping to attract cannabis-themed businesses

In California, small towns have been reaping the rewards of taxes collected through cannabis sales – leaving towns without current cannabis-themed businesses eager to draft new rules and regulations.

In Fresno, a public forum will soon be held to address the need for a medical marijuana market. Local city council officials are hoping to draft guidelines what would establish how many cultivators and dispensaries can set up shop within city limits.

“What we’re suggesting is seven medical cannabis dispensaries the first year with seven the second year, one per council district and if the city manager believes the first rollout is successful then there could be seven more,” said councilman Clint Oliver to ABC30 News.

Residents of Fresno will get their chance to weigh in on the issue in early November, when an official ballot measure will ask voters if they approve of medical marijuana businesses within city limits.

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