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California-based opioid study close to being finalized

The Cannabis Research Initiative at UCLA is hoping to investigate the potential role that cannabis can have in fighting the nations ongoing opioid crisis.

The study will survey California-based medical marijuana patients and could provide the industry with hard-data that sheds a better light on the percentage of people that are switching from opioids to cannabis; a figure that has yet to be discovered across a handful of states with medical and adult-use programs.

Experts will also aim to determine the science behind the potential “good effects” that cannabis can have on patients who are suffering from chronic pain.

“We’re not trying to do to pro-cannabis research or anti-cannabis research. We’re just trying to do good science,” said Dr. Jeffrey Chen in an interview with NBC News.

The study has received enough funding to make it one of the largest of its kind, but before it begins, it must first receive approval from the FDA and DEA.

Adult-use cannabis proposal hits Michigan ballot

In Michigan, the State Board of Canvassers recently designated an official number for the states adult-use cannabis bill, now referenced as proposal 1.

In November, voters will vote “yes”, “no”, or “undecided” on Proposal 1; if a majority approves of the measure, the proposal will become official law in Michigan– leaving lawmakers responsible for crafting a new, regulated adult-use program.

The state created $837M in medical cannabis sales in 2018 – if Proposal 1 passes, which many believe it will, the Midwestern state could potentially generate more than tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenue.

Ohio’s first Level 1 grow facility begins operation

It’s been a delayed, lengthy waiting process for Ohioans hoping to purchase medical marijuana.

But hope is on the horizon; 56 dispensaries are set to open their doors before the end of 2018, with a handful of cultivators already beginning operations – including the state’s first approved Level 1 grow, Buckeye Relief.

The cultivators based in Eastlake, Ohio recently planted 10,000 seeds of medical cannabis in their first two rounds of cultivation processes, and are expecting that number to increase as the market matures.

New Jersey flooded with applications for cannabis shops

When announcing the expansion of the current medical cannabis program, representatives from New Jersey highlighted that 6 new dispensary licenses would be given out via a competitive application process.

So far, the state has received 146 applications for the 6 allocated licenses – showing a growing interest in cannabis for New Jersey-based entrepreneurs, a national trend that only continues to increase.

A reason for the increase of applications could be that unlike previously approved operators, newly approved dispensaries will no-longer have to operate as non-profits.

New York candidate pushing for progressive marijuana legislation

Across the US, hopeful US Representatives have taken to social media to advocate for their pro cannabis policies.

In New York, Cynthia Nixon has called for an adult-use program in her home state; where she hopes lawmakers will allocate a large portion of profits towards local communities affected by the War on Drugs.

“People across all ethnic and racial lines use marijuana at roughly the same rate, but the arrests for marijuana are 80 percent black and Latino,” argued Nixon during a public debate.

Nixon has an arsenal of data to support her remarks; like the recent New York Times report that revealed police in New York were found to carry out more cannabis-related arrests if working within predominantly Black or Hispanic communities.

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