Weekly Dispense: Cannabis Laws Gaining Ground Across the World

German medical cannabis laws take effect, Wisconsin pushes for medical cannabis, and Americans for Safe Access release their annual report card for state medical cannabis programs. In case you missed them, here are the cannabis-related stories that caught our attention.

Germany’s medical cannabis law takes effect

On January 19, lawmakers in Germany voted unanimously for a medical cannabis program, which went into effect last week. Doctors are now able to prescribe cannabis to patients suffering from a variety of debilitating medical conditions and symptoms such as chronic pain or nausea.

Germany will now create a state-regulated for medical cannabis cultivators to ensure quality, until then, plants will be imported.
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Wisconsin Legislators Push for Medical Cannabis

Although a high-CBD bill is headed to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk, some legislators in Wisconsin would like to see medical cannabis expanded in the state.

Rep. Chris Taylor wants Wisconsin to go further and legalize medical cannabis with measurable amounts of CBD and for an expanded list of conditions. Taylor cites the evidence of medical cannabis helping patients in the face of the national opiate crisis as reason to expand the laws.

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Revolution talks Medical Cannabis and President Trump

WMBD Central Illinois Proud sat down with Revolution CEO Mark De Souza and Sr. VP of Operations Eric Diekhoff to get some answers about how medical marijuana is moving forward in Illinois and with the federal government.

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ASA Releases Yearly Medical Cannabis States Report Card

Americans for Safe Access released a report card for each of the 44 states that have some sort of medical cannabis laws on the books.

Illinois received the highest score of B+, amongst other states, scoring the lowest in the categories relating to access for patients, and highest in terms of safety and quality regulations.


Victoria Mendicino

As VP Community Outreach at Revolution Enterprises, Victoria applies her in-depth knowledge of Illinois’s medical cannabis pilot program to help inform health care professionals and medical cannabis patients. Prior to joining Revolution, Victoria served as Project Director for Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois. She is proud to continue her efforts advocating for patient rights and helping raise awareness about the Prairie State’s pilot program.