The Dispense: High Times Visits Illinois Cannabis Grow

Germany legalizes medical cannabis, Trump’s inauguration enjoys some cannabis smoke, and High Times takes a trip to Illinois to cover the cannabis industry.

In case you missed them, here are the cannabis-related stories that caught our attention.

Germany OKs medical cannabis

The German parliament recently voted unanimously to legalize cannabis for medical use. The law will go into effect March 2017. “People with multiple sclerosis and other severe illnesses will be able to obtain the drug legally with a prescription,” CNN reports. “Doctors will also be able to prescribe marijuana or cannabis to patients for whom the drug could alleviate symptoms, such as chronic pain or nausea, or who may see a positive effect on their disease progression.”

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9,000 joints greet Trump

Cannabis advocates, enthusiasts, and industry members gave out more than 9,000 joints for free at President Donald Trump’s inauguration to promote cannabis deregulation. “The morning went great; it was very peaceful,” DCMJ co-founder Adam Eidinger tells TIME. “We had a lot of Trump supporters, who were mixed in with those who weren’t there to support Trump. But nobody was fighting; it was like a Norman Rockwell painting.”

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California cannabis regulations on track

California regulators are promising to have the state’s regulatory framework for cannabis up and running by January 2018.

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High Times profiles Revolution Cannabis

High Times Cultivation Editor Danny Danko profiled Illinois’ largest medical cannabis grower by square feet for the magazine’s February issue. “Typically, growing on this scale would mean serious compromises in the quality of the finished product, since the prevailing wisdom holds that it’s impossible to produce excellent cannabis in such large amounts,” Danko writes in the article. “But the experts at Revolution Cannabis have managed to prove this adage wrong: The flowers they cultivate so lovingly are simply amazing, and the concentrates produced in their labs are clean, potent and pure.”

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Cassandra Dowell

Cassandra oversees communications for Revolution Enterprises, a company committed to cultivating health through the science of cannabis. Prior to joining Revolution, Cassandra covered complex financial transactions and business trends within the cannabis and healthcare industries. During her time as a Chicagoland newspaper editor, she received more than 10 Illinois Press Association and Northern Illinois Newspaper Association awards for her coverage of mental health and housing issues.